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All DN magazines Issues 1,2,3,4,5 English

All DN magazines Issues 1,2,3,4,5 English


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All DN magazines Issue 1,2,3,4,5 English

Issue 1
Atelopus spumarius barbotini
Polymorphism of Oophaga histrionica
A conservatory terrarium or..?
Requiem for the pool of Méndez
Dendrobatidae Netherlands’ very first nature conservation project
Hyloxalus azureiventris
The hobbyist breeder: E. Smid
Peru, the fantasticus complex

Issue 2 
Ranitomeya ventrimaculata
Ranitomeya lamasi "panguana"
Oophaga pumilio
Ranita Dorada, a year later
Rhacophorus reinwardtii
Epipedobates tricolor
The beginning of a fascinating hobby
Scientific news
Issue 3
Phyllobates bicolor
Brazil, Cristalino's Dendrobates
Cauca Valley, Colombia
Epipedobates in Ecuador
Agalychnis Callidryas
Sapo pingo de ouro
Science news
Allobates talamancae
Mantella Species Studbook
Oophaga granulifera

Issue 4 
A jewel in your livingroom
Jan van de Gevel's passion
Tadpole rearing container
The paludarium-Raf Denier
Scientific investigation into the origins of colour variations in Oophaga pumilio
Rio Napo
Wax worms

Issue 5 
Dendrobates tinctorius  French Guyana
Plants for a tropical paludarium
Biotope research, technical assistance
Alytes muletensis
Ranitomeya lamasi "Contamana"
PSG 84 as a fellow frog tank resident
Converting an aquarium into a frog tank
CRARC, glass frogs, tree frogs and more

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